Mazda MX-5 NA daytime running lights


New stock should be available in July. Daytime running lights kit for NA (MK1) cars. Bolt-on with super-clean, stock-like appearance.

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Do you want something fresh & modern, yet very practical for your NA? Are you tired of driving with pop-up headlights on all the time? Exclusive to SkidNation, our DRL will not only look and work great, but will save your headlight motors and alternator from excessive wear.

This complete kit is simple to install and requires no special skills or tools. A true bolt-on, worry-free installation!

Functionality is similar as in modern cars with LED lights:

  • Ignition key in second position – running engine – turns DRL on (white light), parking lights and rear lights remain off.
  • Turn signals or hazards automatically switch the DRL off while orange light blinks.
  • First position on lights stalk turns the DRL off and parking lights with rear lights work as on stock car.
  • Second poistion on light stalk turns on beams (pop-ups) with parking lights, switches DRL off and turn signals work as with stock setup.

Video of operation:

Consists of high quality parts:

  • brand new bespoke wiring loom with connectors and bulb sockets
  • brand new super-bright LED bulbs
  • Mazda switching relay modified for use with LED bulbs
  • installation guide

Fits all NA (Mk1) cars, both right and left hand drive.
US cars will need a second bulb socket to be drilled and it will result in an euro-style parking lights functionality.
If you have a yellow inside on your turn signals, you will need either to replace them with clear ones or remove the yellow tint by opening the unit*.

Shipping world-wide.

If you send us your old flasher relay after the installation, we’ll refund you £10.

* Opening the light assembly requires warming it up in the oven, so the glue holding it together gets soft and unit can be opened. Then you will need to glue the unit back together. This job takes about one hour to complete.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 cm


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