MX-5 Miata oil pan baffle


Lightweight multi-part baffle system for upgrading the stock oil pan. Keeps oil at the bottom during hard braking and turning.

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Our oil pan baffles significantly reduce the chance of oil starvation when high G-forces act on the car. Smart design with one-way oil passages allows oil to enter the lower part of the oil pan, but prevents it from escaping back up or to the sides.

We offer three variations:

Laser-cut stainless steel plate to replace the stock oil pan baffle. The shape follows the oil pan edges and helps keep the oil at the bottom. The plate might require very minor trimming as the oil pans differ.

Highly efficient tri-directional baffle with two one-way oil passages. Flaps to control oil flow are made from durable silicone. Suitable for all street, track day and forced induction cars.

Combination of both baffles to replace OEM horizontal metal sheet. Maximum efficiency for the most demanding drivers or competition use.

Fits all NA (Mk1), NB (Mk2) and NBFL (Mk2.5) cars.

Shipping world-wide.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm

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