MX-5 frame rails reinforcement


Engineered to perfection – Mazda MX-5 frame rails improving chassis rigidity. Laser-cut from quality stainless steel. Lifetime warranty.


Our best seller, heavy-duty frame rails to reduce longitudinal chassis flex and protect the underside. Rigid chassis allows suspension to do it’s job properly – as a result the car gets less upset by road impurities and handles better. Frame rails reinforcement is a great upgrade for every MX-5 enthusiast.

With bent edges and no side cut-outs for improved stiffness. You can see how much difference these design choices make in the simulation attached. Our frame rails are designed to be the most rigid on the market and we don’t compromise for lower manufacturing costs in our products.

Review from BOFI Racing:

Key features:

  • stainless steel in 2 mm thickness
  • longer design to support maximum possible area
  • ready for future butterfly brace installation
  • including 3 brackets for brake lines
  • all required fixings provided in stainless steel
  • installation guide with photos included

Brake lines are kept in the original position and are held in place by the frame rails.

Compatible with all cars from 1989 until 2005 (NA – NB – NBFL). Does not obstruct the NBFL (MK2.5) Sportive factory bracing, except for one bar which needs to be either removed or slightly modified to fit. This one bar does not help much to reduce flex while the frame rails stiffen up the chassis down the middle of the car significantly.

Due to dimensions and weight the shipping options to countries outside of Europe might be limited – please inquiry via email.

Read what our customers say:

“Just the rails alone make a world of difference.”

“It really does feel like a different car.”

“Car absorbs bumps a lot nicer now and reduces noise in the cabin.”

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 108 × 18 × 6 cm


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