Oil pressure warning light with voltmeter


Oil pressure warning light with optional voltmeter to replace the stock “On/Off” needle gauge. Free coolant temperature gauge linearisation resistors inluded.

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In the heat of spirited driving, would you notice the stock needle falling in case of unexpected oil pressure failure? We’re sure we wouldn’t, so that’s why we made this MX-5 oil pressure warning light, which shines brightly to let you know you should stop immediately.

You can choose between a simple warning light or a light with digital voltmeter to also keep an eye on your electric systems. Made to fit the stock gauges with clean, stock-like appearance.

SkidNation bonus: all variations include parts to linearise the coolant temperature gauge while you have your instrument cluster put apart. What does it mean? The amount of change in position of the needle will be in relation to the amount of temperature change. Stock (unmodified) gauge has a dead spot between 75°C and 100°C where the needle just stays in the “operating temperature” position.

Installation requires soldering. All instructions are provided.

– 1994 – 1997 NA (Mk1)
– all NB (Mk2)
– all NBFL (Mk2.5)
If you have 1989-1993 NA (Mk1) Mazda MX-5 Miata you have the accurate pressure gauge showing real pressure, so we recommend to keep it.

Shipping world-wide.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 cm
Car selection

NA (Mk1 – black dials), NB (Mk2 – dark dials), NBFL (Mk2.5 – white dials)

Gauge options

Voltmeter and oil press. light, Just oil pressure warning light


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