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ProDrive s.r.o.
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85104 Bratislava

Company no. 52888339, EU VAT: SK2121261978.

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Our Mission

SkidNation is a group of MX-5 enthusiasts who thanks to our diverse skills develop custom parts to make our cars even better and more fun. Here we’d like to share the results of our efforts with you, the MX-5 community. With parts made locally we support local businesses and keep the quality uncompromised.

All our parts are highly functional and tested for months or even years. With effective product design we aim to provide great performance and high value for money. We use the earnings for development of new exciting parts to offer you in the future – getting some of our available products directly from our shop is the best way to support us. You can follow us on our Facebook or Instagram to stay in touch. Thank you!

Meet the Team

Here you can learn more about us – not only what we do and how we got into cars, but also a bit of our background too.

Being a part of the enthusiast community for years, we are grateful for the opportunity to work with you to make these awesome small cars even better.

We work daily to make you happy and enjoy our common passion for driving.

SkidNation team - Founder

A bit of everything

Whether it was Need for Speed or an actual car after getting his driving license, Samuel had a passion for driving since he can remember. He started making custom parts for himself and friends as a hobby, and after seeing interest in the MX-5 community, he founded SkidNation in 2015. Two years later he left his job to fully pursue his passion for cars and driving through SkidNation and other car community activities. Besides road trips Samuel enjoys sideways action more than anything, so you’ll always find him pulling skids in more (or less) appropriate places. He also owns a 350Z HR and a short wheelbase Pajero for the occasional off-road adventure.

SkidNation team - Peter

Operations & Maketing

Introducing Peter, a passionate Subaru BRZ driver, who finds solace on track days and embraces the art of drifting. Beyond his love for speed, Peter is a seasoned marketing professional and a shrewd entrepreneur, skillfully navigating the business landscape with the same precision he demonstrates on the racecourse. His journey unfolds at the intersection of adrenaline-fueled pursuits and strategic business ventures, creating a harmonious blend of his automotive and entrepreneurial passions. PS: definitenly not generated by ChatGPT until Peter writes his own bio 😉

SkidNation team - Martin

Online & Visual media

His inner petrolhead woke up the moment he got a video game console with Gran Turismo. With a fresh drivers license and a pizza delivery guy job, driving his beloved (albeit rusty) Mazda 121 he earned enough money to buy his first camera. In 2015 he left university to pursue his passion as a videographer, photographer and graphic designer – primarily because he enjoyed making memes more than paying attention at school. This decision, as he claims, was the best he has ever made. Now with 6 years of experience Martin joined the SkidNation family to help us with creative work. He enjoys riding his motorcycle and for regular occasions he drives a RWD BMW 3 series (F30).

SkidNation team - Silvo

Products & Engineering

Meet the newest member of our team. His passion for cars dates back to his earliest childhood. As a young boy he would disassemble and enhance remote-controlled cars. Later on, he bought his first car, a BMW E34 525i, which he still owns and continuously modifies to this day. This very car was the centerpiece of his thesis, earning him his engineering degree. It has undergone countless modifications, from chassis reinforcement to engine power boosts. Currently it’s powered by an M50 engine, stroked to 2.8L and turbocharged to produce a staggering 350 WHP. During the season you can catch him at various drift events across Europe, showcasing his incredible driving skills.

SkidNation team - Patrik

Warehouse & Packing

A car lover with a passion for driving and hands-on expertise as an auto body technician. He owns a cool orange Renault Megane RS and an old-school Mercedes C-Class W202, showing his love for both performance and classic cars. But the real fun for him happens on the track, where he enjoys speeding around and testing the limits of his cars – and his onw limits. Patrik works with us since spring 2023 and is an indispensable part of the team, preparing and packing all the good stuff to be shipped to you.

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