Fuel warning light for NB

MX-5 NB fuel warning light

This is a simple guide how to install a fuel warning light from NBFL (Mk2.5) into NB (Mk2) Mazda MX-5. You will need tools to remove the instrument cluster, soldering equipment, a bit of thin electrical wire and of course a donor NBFL instruments which have the warning light (we’ve heard that not all do), from which you’ll take the warning light circuit board.


Source a donor instrument cluser from 2001-2005 NBFL Mazda MX-5 and always check, if it has the warning light (some 2001-2002 might not have). Remove the instrument cluster from your car: remove the trim around the steering wheel, then undo the 4 bolts holding the instrument cluster in place and carefully disconnect all the cables.

1) Open the spare instrument cluster and remove the warning light circuit board

Remove the 4 bolts holding the circuit board and take it out.
The board is out, this will go into your instrument cluser.

2) Carefuly open your instrument cluster and make room for the circuit board in the same spot as it was in NBFL

The spot where you need to cut off part of the conducting foil.
Cutting the foil off reveals 4 holes as on the original instrument cluster.

3) Install the circuit board into your cluster the same way as it was in the donor cluster.

The circuit board in it’s place – this time in your cluster.

4) Take off the light shade from the donor cluster and put it into your.

The warning light shade need to be transplanted too.

5) Carefully put some solder onto the bulb’s contact points.

You’ll need to solder wires to the bulb contacts after it’s assembled in the cluster.

6) Put the bulb into the cluster and solder wires to it’s contacts.

Wires soldered to the bulb. You can do this also with the bulb out, just be careful not to use too much solder as then it won’t fit.

7) Connect the wires as on the photo (best is to use crimp rings).

With all wires connected the warning light transplant is finished.

8) Put your NB instrument cluster back together, install it in the car and test if everything works.

That’s it. You should get at least 50km (30 miles) of range from the moment it comes on. We hope you found this guide useful. If you’re disassembling the instruments for this modification, we recommend to do a coolant temperature gauge linearisation and optionally an installation of our oil pressure warning light (also includes parts for linearisation and can be purchased here).

7 thoughts on “Fuel warning light for NB

  1. jakedp says:

    do you know if donor cluster must be european in KM or cna it be US version in Miles?
    In my Italian NBFL without fuel light I directly swapped a US cluster, but fuel light didn’t work.

    • Samuel says:

      Hi, all clusters from 2003 onward should have fuel warning light, while 2001-2002 might or might not have one. If your cluster does not have it, then it’s probably older cluster which might not have the warning light.

        • Giacomo says:

          Another question, using a led light, do I connect positive to fuel signal or the the other screw? (Of course not to gnd or ign)

          • Samuel says:

            You will need to test it, because we used standard incandescent bulb which is not polarity-sensitive.

          • Giacomo says:

            Thanks, I will test it, take a picture and update you, so you can have also the scheme for led bulb!

  2. Giacomo says:

    I can confirm that it works also with a UK version of donor cluster.
    At the end I used a standard bulb and not a led one!
    Thanks for the hint and tutorial!

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